Friday, December 09, 2005

Santa's Coming

When I look into my past Gino is still the only man I would conider having a future with. I think about him from time to time, but I deleted his number from my cell just incase I got the itch again. I've been invited by a mutual friend to a party at his restaurant, I won't be attending.
I saw Teddie at a bar downtown last weekend. Once his eyes caught mine he ran up to give me a great big hug like we were long lost friends. During our embrace, the familiar heat of an oncoming blush ran up my neck and to my cheeks. I excused myself and freshened up in the girls room. Teddie and I engaged in "catch up" chat when I got back. He complimented me and I reciprocated while staring at the gray in his beard. Then he left. I'm still trying to figure out what I saw in him in the first place. Oh yes... the kiss.
Yesterday I spent time with Michael. He catered to my every whim as usual then asked what I wanted for Christmas, to which I replied "Please get me the Ugg Uptowns in chocolate, they're only $180." And flashed him a big smile.
"Ok, I can handle that" he said, "but what will I get in return?"
I've had this idea for some time and when I presented it to him, I knew it was the right gift.
"I'll do a nude photoshoot with your name painted on me in chinese characters. Would you like that?" I asked coyly.
Clever me.
Then I fucked him like there was no love in my heart, only lust. I fucked him like he was a stranger. And it was mindblowing.
I suppose I wouldn't be such a bad whore after all.

The married man is quite taken with me, he emails me and calls frequently. He's also given me money and gifts.
Good thing I want to accost him, otherwise his generosity would be mistaken as desperation. I don't plan on dishing out the goods until at least the third date. Like I read on millionaire's club, you have to make him wait a while and fall in love with you before you fuck him. When he's paying all your bills and giving an allowance, sex is permissible. Although this isn't a conventional courtship, I am treating it as such. I never call him and I wait at least 24 hours to reply his emails.
In another life I may have considered dating the guy. Minus the wife and boring corporate job, he really is perfect for me. I try to be a little cold and distant but I could really lose my head over this one, if allowed.
Even though I appreciate the money and gifts, it's his smile I really love seeing. I'm planning something special to show my appreciation(and turn him on a bit), I hope he likes it.

Friday, December 02, 2005

More Like it

I recently went out with a man. He's tall, handsome and very married. For some time before we met, my comfort level of dating someone who can never be mine wavered. But now that I'm no longer looking for love(I haven't given up yet), I think he's perfect for me.
We met at a higher end chow spot and I was running late as usual. Finally I got to our table in the corner, quiet and reserved. When he stood to greet me I was a bit intimidated, he has a dominating presence. But the domination ends there, he's sweet, considerate(almost to a fault) and very generous. Maybe it was his laid back poise that did it, but from the time I came till the time we departed I wanted to jump his bones. I wonder if he could tell how horny I was for him. True I haven't had sex in a while but it wasn't just that. It was his unassuming simplicity that made me soaking wet. That and his voice that could melt butter. I wanted to kiss the head of his dick, run my tongue down the shaft and suck gently on his balls (I've been reading Teenage Lolita's blog, I guess her explicitness has rubbed off on me?).

I couldn't stop the dirty movie in my head from playing over and over again. So I concentrated on my food.

My online search is coming along nicely, I've met four men so far, the married one included. Two from the sugardaddy site and one from the swingers site.

The first potential was is his 50s, we didn't talk much but we had a nice lunch at a restaurant I've been meaning to try. He was handsome so I wouldn't mind sex with him but there was absolutely no chemistry. *crickets* seemed like the appropriate background for our date.

Potential number two, let's call him The Groper. We had a decent meal but it was immediately after lunch with potential #1 so I wasn't hungry, and the restaurant he chose wasn't of my taste either. He said he was in his 30s, but he was at least 40 and balding, the conversation was entertaining enough though. All was well until it came time to depart, he walked me to my car and tried to kiss me on the lips! Yuck! I told him I didn't kiss on the first date. He made a baby face, smacked my ass and said "see ya later babe." What a turn off. He's called me multiple times since then and I've dodged the bullet. I may succumb if he bribes me with the date from heaven and of course we'll have to talk about keeping our hands to ourselves.

Potential number three, let's call him Jack (because he looked like a lumber jack). We met at a low key spot and had a long conversation. He has a pessimistic nature which rubbed me the wrong way. He's also presumptuous and thought he knew eveything about me on sight. Even so, I was willing to put all of that aside and be a positive spotlight in his life. We made arrangements for a second date. He cancelled on me twice and called weeks later to apologize with some lame ass excuse. So sorry, no longer interested.

After avoiding Marco's sappy emails, I gave in and sent him my number. He called me and tried to initiate the same relationship we had last year. I told him he was unrealistic and I was too tired for phone sex and mind games. Trying to sway my mind with empty promises of cars, shopping and vacations won't work anymore. I know he and his family are bloody rich but I'm sick of him insulting my intelligence by assuming I'll put up with his shit for a carrot dangled in front of my face. Enough is enough. Unless he sends me a tangible token of appreciation, he's cancelled.