Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three sometimes

It was one of those dubiously late afterparties.

I waltzed in with two friends, seeing some familiar faces I felt right at home with.

Suddenly an unfamiliar individual came to me with an unforeseen proposition.

"Hey, you're truly gorgeous, my girlfriend is bi-curious and she wants to meet you, are you interested?"

I could tell this was not the first time he made such an introduction.

His name was Dan. Short with sandy blonde hair, cocky and absolutely NOT my type.
But I was interested in meeting this girlfriend of his.
We maneuvered around the overcrowded venue and towards a private candlelit table for two.
There my eyes gazed upon a geisha.
She was Japanese and stunning. My desire for Asian women dates back to a prepubescent time in my life. Many hours spent in the library immersed in books and masturbating to them.
Don't be crass.
I can get my self off without touching myself remember?

She was inebriated at the moment we met. Chatting briefly about nonsensities I spied her checking me out and knew she was certainly interested. I exchanged numbers with her boy who expressed his intentions to ring me later.

Two days later.
Her boy does in fact ring me and we make plans to go to a strip club.
I make it known that I am not at all interested in him and I would like to be with her privately.

We meet for drinks at her apartment and departed to the club shortly thereafter.
Partially clothed women, drinks, cigars and conversation flowed unchecked. Her boy is either broke or cheap, so I pay for my share of the alcohol. We get a private lap dance from the most beautiful girl I have ever met and leave the establishment.

Back to her apartment utterly sopping with liquor. She says she wants to be a stripper. So I volunteer to be her partner, telling her we should dance together.
Perfect chance to get closer.
She smells like almonds everywhere.
I do mean everywhere.
I kiss her softly on the lips, and then her collar bone and then her neck and down her chest and the her belly button and then...
Her boy insists we move to the bedroom, my eyes are on her and I'll follow wherever she leads.
So to the bedroom where she quickly sheds her clothing and I take off her panties eager for a taste. I spy her boy getting undressed too and make a mental note of it.

Back to where we left off... To her nipples down her chest to the trail that ends at her slit.

I lick her from the bottom up, slightly parting her lips and teasing with my tongue.
The taste of almonds again, a bit stronger this time.
MMMMM. I dive in, tonguing her intensely, I watch her eyes roll into the back of her head.

"I bet lover boy never made you feel this good." I think to myself and tongue her clit again before thrusting her opening with my rigid tongue.

All the while her boy is at her other available openings, refusing to be ignored.
Then he is at mine. During this intensely sexual moment I am unable to say no but insist he put on a rubber. Which he does.

He is fucking me and I am fucking her with my tongue.

We all climax successively and suddenly the all too familiar uncomfortable knot forms in my stomach, I feel the sudden urge to leave.
Her boy reminds me that I'm drunk; this I acknowledge and end up sleeping on the couch.

The next day after a shower and a meal I realize what has happened. I was taken advantage of at a vulnerable moment.
Instead of abiding by the pre-discussed arrangement, her boy, being the opportunist that most men are jumped into our session when he should not.
Upon my epiphany I called the Japanese beauty and let her know the arrangement unabashedly.
"That was not supposed to happen" I explained, "I regret having sex with your boyfriend because I am not attracted to him, but I would like to see you again."

From my understanding, he's leaving the country soon anyway.

I've heard from her once but no more. I'm sure her boy keeps a tight leash on her knowing that once he is out of the picture, he will be replaced with ease. I'll keep my fingers crossed and look forward to my next rendezvous with the Japanese Princess.