Thursday, January 26, 2012

Men Are Like Boomerangs; They Always Come Back

My darlings it's been far too long!  Since my last entry much has changed, I've been in communication with many of my Ex SDs and Pots.

Some of my relationships have changed drastically, others not so much.  As you know, my focus is strictly on what feeds my bottom line and out with what doesn't.

Gino Update:
I ran into Gino recently.  Much to my surprise, and yours I'm sure, he invited me to dinner.
Being the polite lady that I am, I obliged and joined him the next Friday for a meal and drinks.  The conversation that evening was remarkable.  Gino expressed regret for every slight he made towards me in the past.  Since I last saw him he's been once married and once divorced.  He relayed that he felt unprepared for a serious relationship when we were together.  Therein laid the explanation for his behavior.

Unfortunately, I am completely over Gino in every way a woman can be over a man.
He sends me presents.  Chocolates, flowers and exclusive invitations to show openings but I must not accept.  To do so would encourage him to have a dire misunderstanding of my intentions.

When I read my previous entries I feel completely disconnected.  Gino missed his chance entirely.  I can only hope never to make the same mistake.

Be in the moment.  Treasure what you have now, you may never get another chance to do so.

To be continued...