Monday, May 12, 2008


Upon receiving (and publishing) an abundance of... interesting comments, I've decided to dust off a few unpublished posts. The following was written early last summer. Enjoy :)


A man whom I am not at all into is on his way over.
He's well traveled, polite and generous but other traits of his turn me off. We've known each other for quite some time but only recently has he been honest about his "true feelings." He told me he's fancied me, for as long as we've known one another.

After dating another man whose success I admired but personality I tolerated, I refuse to do it again. Though he is accomplished, I don't feel a thing for him sexually. Thank god for the 20th century. In another era I may have been persuaded to consider him as a potential spouse!

Under normal circumstances I would take his profession of lust-love as a delusion and laugh it off. But it's different this time. He's my sister's ex boyfriend. One she has dated casually but nevertheless an ex. Is this off-limits territory, or am I allowed to indulge regardless of his close relationship with my sibling?
It makes me uncomfortable.
I cant help thinking of her lips on him when I kiss him, and he's a skilled kisser.
Can you imagine the distraction?
I think since my attraction to him is quite minimal and taking the discretions listed above into account, I shall move on. But first inform him of the reasons for my dismissal so as to avoid hurt feeling and burning bridges in the process.