Monday, December 20, 2004

The Biggest Club Night of the Year

Kelly, Tina and I made the rounds on the night before Thanksgiving - America's biggest club night of the year, who better to spend it with than two of my hardcore party girls? They're very simple girls that live for VIP events and shopping sprees but also very hot and lots of fun to party with. Kelly's boyfriend hosted a get-together at his parent's mini-mansion. I should have known what I was getting into when we parked outside the house behind rows of cars with bumper stickers of local colleges. We walked into a living room filled with beer bonging youth - not my scene at all. After sharing an obligatory drink we escaped downtown to one of our favorite clubs C.R.E.A.M.
We drove back to the suburbs once CREAM closed.

The next soiree we attended was deemed an "after-hours" by the young man who threw it. I've known JC for a while and he's been begging me to attend one of his parties since he moved into his new house. While I've been delaying because I know he wants to fuck me, he called me earlier to personally invite me, so I promised I would.
Following JC's directions I drove up to a large stone house perched at the end of a winding heated driveway. A lion head knocker graced the large solid oak door.
A robed JC opened the door positively beaming with a cocktail in his right hand. We entered. Marble floors were the first luxuries I noticed then the wood paneled walls, laced with glass and leather furniture. The place wasn't fully decorated quite yet but my, was it something to look at. Very transatlantic blood sucker Goth, complete with a wrought iron staircase and lanterns hanging from the cieling.
"Your pad is fucking hot, I'd like to come over one day and walk around naked pretending that I own the place" said Tina. Tact was not her middle name.

After taking a tour of the 8,000 sq. foot gem of a house, I was reintroduced to Donnie, JC's cousin and roomate. Coincidentally, I knew Donnie before I met JC but we haven't spoken in years. Partly because he was in a long distance relationship at the time, but mostly because he was a substantially overweight and timid workaholic. Donnie has matured significantly since the last time we met, he is now 30 years old, 40 lbs. lighter and handsome. It looked like he'd gotten a bit of work done, he certainly looked "awake" and his chin was more prominent than I remamber it being.

I mingled with the crowd of suburban club kids for a while, occasionally catching Donnie's eyes and holding them. I felt something when I looked at him; chemistry or maybe pure horniness from not fucking for 2 months, damn Michael. Donnie and I eventually made our way to each other.
"Have you seen the house yet?"
"No" I lied.
And so he gave me his own personal tour of the house. We ended at his bedroom, how convenient for him. I fell onto his butter soft down feather mattress. We watched TV for what seemed like an eternity, I wondered when he would make his move. Or was he still the shy chubby man I once knew. Finally he stroked my cheek and turned my face towards his. Mmm, he smelled incredible, our lips touched, his were very soft and feminine. We undressed each other but since it was that time of the month we just fooled around. I played with his chest hair and bit his nipples, he even let me smack him around a bit.
Then he introduced me to the most heavenly anal manipulation I have ever experienced. Never have I been a fan of anything anal until I came three times under his touch. It felt like a good fuck should feel.
I enjoyed it immensely and then took a shower to wash his scent off me.
He was asleep when it came time for me to go, so I left my number on the back of a business card on his nightstand... for future references.

Monday, December 06, 2004

A Chardonnay-induced Poem

Broken people are everywhere
crying out for attention, lurking in the darkness
Happy faces with sad souls
life is a masquerade ball in which we all must dance
Fast, slow or just a little behind

Happy days and lonely nights
It's all a facade
Our thoughts are a series of fantasies
Wishes of being where we want to be
of living and dreaming and dancing care free
free of all conventional shackles
Able to be me, with no consequences
Broken people are everywhere, and one of them is me.

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