Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Official

As I sit alone in my luxury apartment with fresh paint and new carpet, I can say this for certain; I am no longer a wannabe. The married man (MM) has kept his promise by setting me up in a new place. I am now awaiting a new car, also promised to me.
The road to the perfect sugardaddy for me has been bumpy but I feel so calm and settled now that I can say he was worth the wait.

I've been so very busy with moving... and procrastination that I haven't had time to fit all these little bits of news into a post.
I see MM every other week or so but I enjoy the time we do spend together, he's great in bed and had his dick been 2 inches longer, he would make me purr. His only request is that I not have an "arrangement" with anyone else.
Can do. For the moment anyway.

I ran into Gino three weeks ago. Or rather, he ambushed me at work and insisted I tag along to some after party his friend was hosting. I obliged. After a few months apart the all too familiar breathlessness from being near him resumed. I played it cool though, practically making him beg for my company. I teased him during the drive to the party, caressing his leg and locking eyes then looking away coyly. Surely his grand gesture must mean he wants to be mine.

We arrived then rushed off to a secluded room. With a couple of shots of vodka coursing through my veins I felt bold. I jumped onto his lap, sliding my body up against his then quickly descending.
"Hey, I liked the way you felt against me, sit on my lap again."
So I indulged him.
He leaned in for a kiss. I backed away.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"I just don't know about you."
Then I kissed him.

We ended up back at his place where I spent the night.
The next week after this accidental night, there was an incident involving myself, a group of mutual friends and a pile of cocaine during which I learned Gino had a girlfriend. What a bastard. I haven't spoken to him since. He popped up at work again and I ignored him.

I soon will be visiting Tess, an old (she's actually 21) highschool friend of mine at a far away tropical location, I've already gotten my ticket. I suspect she's escorting. You see, she's always been the girl with all the nice things, poor parents and a crappy house but lucked out with rich boyfriends. I spoke to her regarding the new locale.
She said "it's beautiful, all we do is party and make tons of money."
I was curious and therefore inquired, "How do you make money out there?"
"I'm an airflight attendant, I told you remember?"
Of course I did, but I wondered if her occupation would change overnight.
The uneasiness in her voice gave her away, that and she's only up after 3pm. She's also sent me some nudes which made me hot but confirmed my suspicions. I'm looking forward to visiting her and having an absolute blast, the girl is a good time with legs.

Michael and I see each other from time to time, whenever I need something from him. But he was supposed to help me move and flaked out last minute so I refuse to return his calls. Why bother, he didn't even get me my boots for Christmas and now I'm forced to shell out the dough for them myself. He says he'll make it up to me during Valentine's day but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm very excited about the upcoming weekend. I'll be in Detroit for the superbowl!!! So will massive amounts of well-to-do men, and I will be on the look out for "supplemental income," wish me luck darlings! I'll be working for the most part, doing the busy-body work of a junior associate. Missed you all, will post again soon once the internet and all that is wired up in my place.