Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Cynic

"The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde

He was short with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I made the mistake of assuming he was generous, because he bought me a ticket to a fundraiser without knowing my name.
Little did I know, he loves the thrill of meeting a stranger.
I met him on a popular sex site, from what I heard it was bursting with potential sugar daddies and I was itching to try it out.
He was my first date.
He didn't think I would show up.
I wore a flimsy demure top with no bra and little jewelry.
He wore a custom fitted suit, the price of which I knew before our first date.
The first indicator.

I wasn't attracted to him at first as I prefer tall men.
But as the evening prolonged he became more attractive by the second.
He was articulate, intelligent and yes attractive in the conventional sense.
We went for drinks at a swanky cigar bar after the fundraiser, during which I made no mention of my financial needs. I had decided before hand that tonight was about getting to know the man not his wallet. My need for financial aid was minimal at the time therefore chemistry was of the utmost importance.
During our conversations prior to meeting he had dropped varying prices. The cost of his suit, the price of his maid service and other items he had managed to attain at a steal.
Indicative of a cynic.
He seemed controlling but I'm not quick to judge, I wanted to give him a chance to prove me wrong though my instincts are usually dead on and I trust them completely. Besides, he was extremely sensual I wanted to see how good he was in bed.

The night ended and we parted ways with a kiss on the cheek to keep him wanting more.

Round two
We met at a popular restaurant.
Despite a reservation and it being a weekday we waited for a table.
Napoleon announced he would order for us "if I didn't mind" before cracking open the menu, no wonder he was single. Rarely have I met a man more controlling than this. Yet I indulged him, and observed even closer. I could sense he had the dying need to make all decisions, but held himself in check. Afterall, he needed to impress me to have any chance of getting in my pants that night.
So we had shared an appetizer he preferred and an entree as well. Luckily I wasn't particularly hungry and feigned enthusiasm upon tasting each dish (they certainly would not have been my choice). He offered to get me something else then made an excuse for why each dish I suggested was unacceptable.
Dinner was quick.
He then suggested a martini bar in my neck of the woods.
Always a step ahead, I knew he thought he might get lucky as I did meet him on a sex site.

Althought I felt we had different goals in mind, I consented to a drink or two at the martini bar.
We had fun, as I usually do once the infamous social lubricator is introduced to my system.

We laughed, we danced, we had some things in common.
It was now or never.
"Do you recall the title of my profile?" I asked.
Knowing full well it was "Sugarbaby of your dreams."
He said he did.
I asked "Have you ever had the sort of relationship I'm seeking?"
"Well.." He paused "What do you mean?"
He was playing dumb and I played right along.
"A sugarbaby is spoiled and pampered by her sugardaddy, it is a relationship of mutual benefications" I replied.
Quickly adding, my sugardaddies in the past have been extremely generous with "$XXX per month"
He looked away and the caressing stopped. I could tell he was uncomfortable and trying to think of something to say.
"I'm not particularly in need of that sort of arrangement" He replied with a pained expression. "I don't have to pay for women to be with me."
I wasn't surprised by his reaction and quickly came to my own defense "This is not a transaction of any kind, it's only that I do need some help of the financial persuasion in order to see you at leisure. Take as much time as you need to think about it and get back to me."
He said he would, but I was extremely doubtful.
We kissed deeply and parted ways once more.

I was not expecting his call, but I did receive a few texts from him.
His fantasy was for him and I to face a mirror and watch him enter me from behind. I replied with saucy texts for some time but eventually ignored the rest of his contrived enticements. It became clear to me that his idea of a "Sugarbaby" was a world apart from mine.