Saturday, November 11, 2006

Current Events

He called me last weekend. Gino did.
My phone rang, and it was a number I thought I recognized.

"Hi... its Gino, I'm just calling to say hi."
Calling to say hi after two months? I thought.
I wondered if his call had anything to do with his friend Teddie who was helping me with a new start up business.
"Hello there, I wasn't expecting to ever hear from you..." I cautiously replied.
"Are you in one of your 'I hate Gino' moods" he asked in a teasing tone.
"I don't hate you I'm just kind of... indifferent towards you at this point." I had to put him in his place.
He was taken aback. "Wow, I was expecting you to be polite."
"I think I am being polite, just being honest."
I relented and had a polite conversation with Gino regarding his current events and mine.
Then he said he had to run off to watch the end of some game.
He concluded the same way he began, "I was just calling to say hi..."
"Hi back" I replied, and hung up.
I'm stumped as to why he could be calling me now, unless of course he misses me. How sweet.

Things with MM and I have hit a rough patch. He invited me and a friend to an event and the entire time he was trying to set her up with an acquaintance of his. I was under the impression that he wanted to get closer to me by meeting my friends. Instead, it seemed that was a ploy to round up fresh meat for his "good old buddy."
I felt uneasy and we left as soon as the event concluded.
After a day of ignoring his calls we finally spoke. It was a very typical fight, with me being passive aggressive and him refusing to apologize. He had to leave town shortly after and I won't be seeing him for a week or so.
I think we've had a good run and it's time for us both to move on. But right now would not be a good time to end things as I believe he is in need of my company. So, I'll plan on ending things early next year. In the meantime, I'll try to be more understanding and supportive to ensure things wrap up as neatly as possible.
The elusive virtue of patience has finally chosen me.

I called Michael because I missed him terribly and hated the way we ended. We'll be having coffee soon, I'm happy about that.