Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Final Goodbye

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I left him a message saying I would like to talk to him.
Not so much as a text back.
I wish I could believe that he hasn't called because of some big emotional struggle within himself...
But I can't.
I've just been dismissed.
And still I want to reach out and say "darling, it's really not that serious, I just wanted to address your need to play games and tell you that even though I like you more than just a friend, I have no desire for a commitment."
But I guess it was meant to be this way.
This is final.
He's said so much without saying anything at all.

I think I lied to myself by allowing my heart to supress deeper feelings for him. Eventually those feelings could not be caged in and flooded out at a vulnerable moment.
I was not prepared.

I am, afterall, a slave to my emotions.
I know to steer clear of him from now on.

Goodbye Gino.


Alex said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of a young heart in lust.

I never knew being young and beautiful and hott could be such a demanding time.

Glad I'm past all that.

However, I took a look at the Lucky 8 Ball today. It says the final chapter has not been written yet.


Btw, nice diary.

Anonymous said...

I felt you were crying as you were typing this out. Cry if you must, and walk on. :<