Monday, March 08, 2010

The Ultimate in Status -- Black AmEx

She'sssss back!  My favorite highly sexually charged intellectual is blogging again.  Izzy of Sarong Party Girl has been updating her blog regularly, read about some of her escapades and become inspired.  I've added her link in the "Blogs I Read" section.


I met BA (Black Amex) through a regular dating site.  I soon as I saw him I knew he was a liar.  In his profile he said he was 6 feet tall, yet as we stood side by side, I had over an inch on him.  I did have 4 inch heels on, but even with I shouldn't have flanked him.  But I kept an open mind, eager to give this "regular dating" thing a real shot.  We went to an upscale restaurant, my favorite in fact.  The first thing he did as we sat down was ask for the wine list and order the most expensive bottle of champagne.  Way to impress!  I knew this would be a good night.

We talked and got to know each other over dinner.  He came from a stable family and experienced a privileged lifestyle, not unlike myself.  During our conversation I did most of the talking, asking him questions about himself, otherwise it was dead air.  Being as it was my favorite restaurant, he requested I order for him and I obliged.  This was a rare situation, most men insist on ordering for me!  After dinner we toasted to the excellent meal with the last drops of champage.  It wasn't till after that, when I forgot to make a ladylike exit for the bathroom as the check came, that I noticed it.  The black card with platinum letters and numbers on it.  The unmistakeable symbol of status, peeking out from the corner of the black leather pay envelope, the Black AmEx.

I pretended not to see it.  After dinner we left the restaurant for a nightclub nearby.  As the night progressed, I got quite bored with him.  Texted friends and asked how I could make a polite exit from the date.  It was time to escape, despite the allure of the black amex.  Eventually I simply told him I was tired and as the gentleman he is he got up, paid the bill and walked me to my car.  Not before leaning in for a kiss, which by the way, left much to be desired.  I simply wasn't attracted to him.

I tried to give him some time, because he was a gentleman and the Black Amex didn't hurt.  But Alas, it simply wasn't meant to be, eventually I suggested we just be friends but he wasn't able to handle that.  So we have, or rather he has ended communications.  So be it.  My quest continues.  What a time we would've had with his card though!  Penthouse hotel suites, bottles in Vegas, every opulent experience you can imagine. It's just as well, I think I'm looking for something deeper and stronger than a credit card with a high limit.


Anonymous said...

What do you do meet your sugar daddies? I would like to try find one for me, but I just don't know where start to search.

Thank you.

GypsyBaby said...

That a girl! I always say that it doesn't matter how rich a man is; how much money he has, how many cars he has, how big of a mansion he has. All that means nothing to me if I am not benefiting from it.

Julia said...

The best way to meet a sugar daddy is online. There are a lot of websites out there that verify the sugar daddies on their sites by making them pay to be there. Not only does this mean that the men are who they say they are, but they also are serious about meeting you because they are willing to pay to post a profile. You could go hang out at high profile venues like country clubs, etc but it's so much faster and easier to do this online.

TK said...

omg! I adore your blog, such a strong woman with spice ..totally lovable!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a few questions about SB allowance.

A little context: My parents do not approve of me following an acting career (do any of them??) Because my parents do not want me to go, I do not have their financial support to pay for acting college, I have been looking for scholarships, but I am not sure I will get them.

Researching on the internet I came across SB/SD dating, and I thought that it was perfect for me.

- First because I have aways dated guys older than me (around 5 to 8 years) and I know that the age gap is a lot more, but still, it doesn't seem bad or anything.

- And secondly, because I could certainly use the money to pay for college.

I was making some calculations, and I came up with a number that seems like too much to ask from one sugar daddy.

Would you advice me to get more than one SD?

Thanks for your time,
and any other advice on SB/SD dating will be greatly appreciated. =)

Anonymous said...

If you don't want him, can I have him?

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed. PLEASE update your blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

You need to write more!!! I love you tiffany (:

Anonymous said...

I've met someone with a Black AmEx as well. Spent 300 for the dinner bill alone and gave me 200 because i thought i lost my wallet.

i'm curious though, what would you do in a situation where he just wants to take you to a hotel as soon as dinner ends and he's offering.....800?! WTF.

i'm not criticizing the pay per play so much (although i believe that its completely different from being a "sugar baby"), but i feel like just because a guy has a black amex, it doesn't really mean he will be so generous. rich guys can potentially be even stingier.