Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ballet

So you ask, what happened to Jeffrey?

We arrived early enough to have dinner nearby. Interestingly enough, he invited his uncle and several couples to keep us company. As if he was avoiding one on one time with me. During the ballet he was a bit awkward, something I did not expect in the least. Jeffrey has the reputation of Casanova. He is known for bedding hard to attain women. But based on his actions that evening I think his bark is much worse than his bite. After the ballet we spent time with mutual friends and it could have become one of his raging rockstar fests but I left before the the hammer dropped.

I haven't heard from him since the ballet but I am kept fully abreast, by mutual friends, of his escapades. I am also completely confident that he will reach out in due time because I'm that girl he's never had. Even though he's taking a back seat, he will always want what he can't have.

I sense that Jeffrey, although bright and powerful in his own way, has an inferiority complex, this moment of time in his life is about coveting and capturing beautiful things. Beautiful models with no personality, beautiful artwork with no story or past. He covets aesthetic artistic perfection. He embraces cliches that meet his standards. He expects the best and nothing contradicts his opinion.

There is no depth, no intrinsic je ne sais quoi quality that causes me to lose my breath.

Jeffrey is all about money, what everything looks like and what everything costs. It bores me terribly. I prefer captains of industry that take life on as a challenge. As a game. Men that think anything is possible and create their own reality with each step. I feel that is lacking from the "privileged" men I meet. Though I refer to myself as privileged, I have never had a trust. But I know people who don't know any other lifestyle and they are always miserable. It's very interesting, I don't think money makes life more fulfilling.

It forces you to shrink people and situations, count favors and tally debts until you feel you've been compensated. I now feel the more money you have the more concern you have for people taking it from you. What a waste of time. I'd much rather be full of life and adventure, be a trailblazer, making my own way, living life as I saw fit and bearing the brunt of it all than living a life of nickle and dimes, how about you?


Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully. I wish I had your talent! I love your outlook on life. It's refreshing to see that above the glitz and the glam you are looking for happiness and fulfillment.

-Sarah Sugarbaby

Tiffany said...

Thank you Sarah. I do a ton of editing before I post each entry. It has taken me time to get here, but the sugar hunt for me is not about hoarding money and gifts. It's about having a comfortable worry free lifestyle. Technically, I can accomplish that by simplifying my life and living below my means, but where's the fun in that? Happy hunting ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the dynamics of your relationship.

He sounds a lot like the younger man that contacted me; narcissistic, highly entertained by his own wealth but underneath it is that same insecurity, one that drives them to beautiful, vacant women that inflate their self worth but ultimately leave them hollow. While he was hugely intelligent it all felt emotionally clinical, scripted and superficial. There's something 'dead in the middle' about these kind of men.

The chase element is fun though. To be perused by the man who has everything fall at his feet is a great massage for the ego!

Beautifully written too x

Tiffany said...

Thank you, I love your writing as well. Something about the English prose always enchants me, keep it up :)

Anonymous said...


This blog is amazing. I'm older than the average sugar, 35 (but you can't tell it by the 50 YO women on some sites).

I've met a guy off a SD site. He's asked me to fly to him but I have a child. He says to bring him but I'm thinking tacky. So I'm waiting on him to come here.

He talks about gifts and travel..I need bill coverage.. Should I just bring it up?


Tiffany said...

Hi SugarinTexas,
If I had a child I would be weary about introducing him/her to someone I hardy know, male or female. That is not within my comfort zone. I would persuade him to fly to me and if we get along well we can talk about subsequent travel.

I would also make it clear (in a nice sweet way of course) that I am a single mother with expenses and simply do not have the funds to travel to every man who is interested in me. If he puts his money where his mouth is and purchases a ticket for you/makes arrangements to fly to you then he is worth a shot.

If you need something, you must ask. A closed mouth doesn't get fed. Good luck!

xoxo Tiff

David said...

Hi Tiff, good advice on Sugar in Texas. Many of my Sb who were older in age were single moms. And as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the juice.
If you need help with bills, say so (in a non tacky manner of course).

Well written blog.

But careful: not all men will eat out of SB's hands. At least us mature and confident ones won't, lol.

Remember: where there's one, there's many.

Tiffany said...

Hi David,
I think a woman can absolutely get a man to eat out of her hands, with sugary sweetness, not with harsh demands. Men are natural providers, if he has strong feelings for her (in his heart and elsewhere) and he is able to, he will provide. Thank you for your comment :)

I will put effort into writing more frequently this upcoming month.